Volume 16, Issue 1 (Dec 2015) 

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Conceptual metaphors in Ukrainian prime ministers’ discourse involving renewables

(Olexandr Kapranov)

Stereotypes in Czech phraseology. Nations and ethnic groups

(Enrique Rubio Guitérrez)

Representations of Ebola and its victims in liberal American newspapers

(Dita Trčková)

Je ne suis pas Charlie. Metadiscourses of impoliteness following „France’s 9/11“ in selected print media

(Milan Ferenčík)

Towards an integrated corpus stylistics

(Dan McIntyre)



Volume 15, Issue 1 (Jun 2015)

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On the categorization of the Japanese honorific system Keigo

(Ivona Barešova)

Development of directives in child language: A case study of Czech

(Pavla Chejnová)

Slovak students’ comprehension of English figurative idioms containing body parts

(Elena Ciprianová / Marta Vrábelová)

Translating the representation of the tourist landscape: A corpus-based study

(Stefania Gandin)

The degree of grammaticalization of gotta, gonna, wanna and better: A corpus study

(Dagmar Machová)

Textual meaning and its place in a theory of language

(Lesley Jeffries)

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