Volume 14, Issue 1 (Dec 2014)

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Fractal metaphor LIFE IS A STORY in biographical narrative

(Yakiv Bystrov)

The ‘indisciplinarity’ of stylistics

(Sandrine Sorlin)

Newsworthiness, attribution and lexicogrammatical strategies in two types of news articles in English and Spanish

(Izaskun Elorza)

An experimental approach to ambisyllabicity in English

(Dirk Elzinga / David Eddington)

The phonological basis of Latin case patterns

(Joseph Embley Emonds)



Volume 13, Issue 1 (Jun 2014)

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A Cross-Cultural Approach to Speech-Act-Sets: The Case of Apologies

(Silvie Válková)

„I Feel a Deep Sense of Responsibility for the People we have Hurt…“ – Explicit Stance Attribution in Crisis Communication Contested

(Edyta Rachfał)

How Do Typological Studies Explain the Semantic Changes of English Complex Prepositions?

(Kazuyuki Yamaguchi)

From Modernity to Post-Modernity: Conflicting Voices in Literary Discourse – A Corpus Analysis of You and One

(Alcina Maria Pereira de Sousa / Alda Maria Correia)

Interviewing in the Medical Context: Questions, Answers, Assessments – An Interdisciplinary Approach

(Monika Gyuró)

Multigeneric Intertextuality in Advertising: Discourse Strategy from a Cognitive Perspective

(Katarína Nemčoková)


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