Issue 9 – Approaches to Text and Discourse Analysis


  • How Students of Teaching Define Politeness (Pavla Chejnová)

  • Revising English Grammar “Rules” through Valence Relations in a Text for Teenagers (Dorota Chłopek)

  • Discourse Analysis in New Media: Agency with Modern Technology (Dean Dawson)

  • Lexical Borrowing: English Theological Terms (Edita Hornáčkoavá – Klapicová)

  • The Rhetoric of Regional Planning: a Cross-Disciplinary Approach (Alcina Sousa, Júlia Lourenço)

  • Empirical Methods in Discourse Analysis and the Internet (Claudia Wunderlich)

  • Constructing Digital Rhetorical Spaces in Twitter: A Case-Study of @BarackObama (Alcina Sousa, Anna Ivanova)


Issue 10 – Approaches to Text and Discourse Analysis


  • Pragmatics: From the Micro to the Macro⃰ (Piotr Cap)

  • Theta Meets Aspect: The Spanish Aspectual “Se” with Consumption Verbs* (Ismael Iván Teomiro García, Cristina Romero Pascual)

  • Cognitive Approach to the Study of Semantic Change – The Case Study of the Lexical Item Mouth (Grzegorz A. Kleparski – Edyta Więcławska)   

  • Visual and Context-Induced Verbal Metaphors in National Geographic Headings and Subheadings (Marta Pikor-Niedziałek)

  • Social Digital Discourse: New Challenges for Corpus- and Sociolinguistics (Josef Schmied)

  • Epistemic Hedges and Boosters as Stance Markers in Legal Argumentative Discourse (Bledar Toska)



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