Issue 7 – Discourse Analysis in a Digital World


  • Click Here (To Find Out More): E-Ecape as an Indexable World (Milan Ferenčík)

  • Closing Sequences in a Synchronous Internet Chatroom (Šárka Hastrdlová)

  • The Language and Communication of Chatgroups (Edita Hornáčková Klapicová)

  • Intercultural Computer-Mediated Discourse. Evidence from the „EIL in Poland and Spain“ Blog (Maria Juan-Garau and J. Igor Prieto-Arranz)

  • Identifying Features of English-Speaking Countries from an ELT Learner Perspective (Karen Jacob, Maria Juan-Garau and José Igor Prieto-Arranz)

  • Concessive Signalling in Asynchronous Online Communication: The Case of Comments and Discussion Fora (Magdalena Szczyrbak)

  • Doctor–Patient Communication Research in a Digital World (Miroslav Černý)

  • Computational Lexicography: Status and Perspectives  (Olga Ruda)


Issue 8 – Discourse Analysis in a Digital World


  • On Some FSP Aspects of the Internet Chat (With Special Regard to Presentation Scale Sentences) – (Martin Adam) 

  • On genre problems in (political) discourse (Piotr Cap)

  • An Investigation of the Interpersonal; Dimension of Email Exchange in a Cosmopolitan Educational Setting:

  • Questions of Power and Culture (Richard Hitchcock)

  • The Concept of Path in Telic Events with Verbs of Manner of Locomotion (Naděžda Kudrnáčová)

  • The Changing Face of Facebook: Building Reflexivity into Automated Online Discourse Routines (Mark W. Lencho) 

  • Perceived Interactivity in Children Internet Advertising (Jana Pelclová)

  • The Language of Adult Social Networks (Reima Al-Jarf)

  • Building a corpus of spoken courtroom discourse for a single-case study (Tatiana Tkačuková)



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