Issue 5 – Aspects of Language and Discourse


  • Is the Internet a Tool for the Development or Destruction of Language and Human Communication? (Edita Hornáčková Klapicová)

  • The Organization of Topicality in Medical Interviewing Revisited (Miroslav Černý)

  • Pragmatic Principles in Advertising Discourse (Jana Pelclová)

  • On Some Pragmatic Aspects of Last Wills and Testaments (Eva Pavlíčková)

  • Hidden Bias in the 2008 American Presidential Debates (Pavel Reich)

  • Computer Assisted Translation/Machine Translation and its Role in Modern Translation Processes (Martin Mačura)


Issue 6 – Aspects of Language and Discourse


  • The Tree as a Cognitive Model in Speech (Viktor Krupa)

  • Linguistic Characteristics of Europe and the Role of English Language (Tatiana Hrivíková)

  • English Converted Terms Combined with Prefixation in Mathematics and their Translation into Ukrainian and Slovak (Olga Ruda)

  • The Slovak Language in Danger? (Slavomír Ondrejovič)

  • Computer Enlargement of the Russian Vocabulary (Tamara Kuprina)

  • Dynamic and Static Semantics of the English Verb in Motion Events: An Attempt at an Integrated Approach (Martin Adam, Nadežda Kudrnáčová)

  • Metaphoric Collocations in Administrative and Legal Texts and their Translation into Slovak (Elena Cipriánová, Martin Mačura)

  • Semantics of the Short Passive Form in the English Language (Lenka Glaubaufová)


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