Issue 2 – Politeness and Interaction


  • Richard Repka – Communication Models and their Use in Various Theories of Language

  • Josef Schmied – Academic Interaction: Adapting Complexity and Coherence to the Readership

  • Alena Kačmárová – Politeness Issues from a Slovak Speaker’s Perspective (When in Rome…, Nitra 2003, Revisited)

  • Edita Hornáčková Klapicová – Politeneness in Advertising

  • Jana Leciánová – FTAs in U.S. TV Commercials on Cosmetic Products

  • Klaudia Valdmanová – Politeness in Nursing Discourse

  • Katarína Nemčoková – Advertising Slogans in Pragmatic References

  • Renata Pípalová – Approaches to the Textual Theme

  • Lucia Štofanová – The Debatable Status of U.S. Presidential Debates (Controversy over the Memoranda of Understanding)

  • Silvie Válková – Something Nice to Say… (Compliments in English and Czech)

  • Eva Pavlíčková – The Performative Verb in Legal Texts

  • Magda Rázusová – Specific Nature of Question-answer Exchanges of Television Political Interview in English

  • Pavlína Saldová – Politeness Universals in an Interview

  • Tetyana Tkachuk – Turn-taking Management During Cross-Examination: Lay People as Cross-Examiners


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