Issue 1 – Politeness and Interaction


  • H.G. Widdowson – Text and Real Language

  • Mark W. Lencho – (Im)politeness in an American and Slovak Context: Constructing Identities and Calibrating to them in the Course of Simple Conversations

  • Piotr Cap – Proximization: A Methodological Account of Legitimization Strategies in the Post-9/11 US Political Discourse

  • Martin Adam – The Dynamic-Semantic Scales within the Framework of Functional Sentence Perspective

  • Magdaléna Bilá – Structural and Cohesive Devices in Business Letters

  • Jan Comorek – E-mail: A Bridge between Written and Spoken Mode & Strategy of Beginnings

  • Olga Dontcheva– Navratilova Some Aspects of Politeness in Public Speaking

  • Milan Ferenčík – Politeness Aspects of Question-Answer Sequences in Mediated Talk-in-Interaction (Radio Phone-ins)

  • Christoph Haase – Subjectivity and Vagueness in Academic Texts: Scientific vs. Popular-Scientific English

  • Adriana Halušková – Some Pragmatic Aspects of the Process of Communication and their Relevance to Language Pedagogy

  • Juraj Horváth – Pre 9/11 Inaugural Address of President George W. Bush: Critical Discourse Analysis

  • Petra Jesenská – EUROSPEAK and ELF – English as a Current Global Lingua Franca

  • Monika Gyuró, László I. Komlósi – The Janus-face of Politeness: Hidden Strategies Revealed in Problem Interviews in Health Communication

  • Gabriela Miššíková – Maxim Hedges in Political Discourse: A Contrastive Perspective

  • Renata Povolná – Some Means of Politeness in English Face-to-face Conversation


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